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Created by agriculture, science and communications specialists, FFF is focused in sharing information on the science and technology reshaping the world’s food and farming systems — all written in a clear, accessible way.

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Bridging the knowledge gap

The growing global population means demand for food is increasing rapidly, and with resources such as land, energy and water under pressure, producing that food has become one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Agriculture 4.0 — where digital technology and science combines with ecological practices to make farming more sustainable and efficient  is often described as the revolution agriculture needs to help farmers and land managers tackle the food production issue. But while scientists, academics, technologists and entrepreneurs around the world work on technological solutions, getting that technology on farms is another issue, with almost 50% of UK farmers saying they don’t know enough about technology to invest*.

FFF is here to help bridge that gap, reporting on the research and innovations that could revolutionise global food production in clear, simple language. From livestock and plant genetics, to robotics, data and alternative proteins, FFF helps farmers and food businesses understand how new technologies could work for them.

Helping businesses communicate

FFF also works with evidence-based companies and organisations to help them share information and news about their innovations, explaining complex issues in simple, practical terms, reaching those who need it most. Get in touch to see how this approach might work for you.

Meet the editors

Caroline Stocks

Caroline is an award-winning journalist and author who has written about food, farming and environmental issues for news publications around the world. An expert in agricultural communications, she has worked with business and organisations of all sizes — from individual farm businesses to governments, processors, and pharmaceutical companies — helping to translate complex science and farming issues into clear ideas.

Latest news by Caroline

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Gary Hartley

Gary is a scientific journalist and communications expert who specialises in animal health, alternative proteins and integrated pest management. He has written for well-known science publications across the world and has been involved in the launch of major national media campaigns. With an MSc in entomology from Harper Adams University, he is keen to bridge the gaps between ecology and food production.

Latest news by Gary

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Close up red netting
Making pests see red could reduce crop damage

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